1.9.15 Meditation – Christine Powers, “Classically Trained Lyric Soprano”

Good Morning!  What I love about doing the Albany Peace Project is observing how so many people are using these skills in such amazing and creative ways.  The nervous system needs both repetition and novelty for it to reprogram, so creativity helps people to remain interested long enough to retrain their nervous system.  This is why why we only provide a skeletal protocol for meditation leaders to follow, even though this is a research study.    These leaves them plenty of room for them to add their own “flavor” and keep us all interested.
We also offer a sampling of approaches, because everyone’s nervous system is different, so what helps one person, may not help another.  You will find that some of these approaches really “speak to you” while others don’t as much, so you may want to make an effort to try all the meditations…because one or two are guaranteed to be your favorite.

So, today we have a real treat!  Something different!  Christine Powers is a perfect example of a teacher who is bringing her  creative flair to this project.  She is a classically trained lyric soprano who has integrated spirituality and sound healing into her work.  She also has a marketing firm that specializes in helping business owners who are seeking to uplift the world through their commercial efforts.

About Christine Powers:  Seeded from an inspiration germinating for almost a decade, and utilizing over twenty years of diverse industry expertise, founder Christine Powers formed Synchronicity Calling, LLC as one of the few spiritually oriented, full-service communications firms operating in the United States today.

You can email her at: soprano@nycap.rr.com

Her website is:  http://synchronicitycalling.com

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