1.6.15 – Meditation: Sue Conlin

Good Morning.  In this video, I talk to long-time friend, and President of the Therapeutic Touch International Foundation, Sue Conlin.  Therapeutic Touch has many similarities to the goals of the Albany Peace Project.    It involves focusing the mind, and holding intention long enough to measure a change.  She discusses some of the interesting research that demonstrates our intentions have measurable effects!!

Sue Conlin is the president of the Therapeutic Touch (TT) International Foundation and has been practicing Therapeutic Touch for 25 years. Therapeutic Touch is an evidenced based healing modality that has 42 years of western research supporting it.

Sue has worked extensively with TT founder Dolores (Dee) Krieger PhD, RN co-founder of TT.   Therapeutic touch has over 40 years of clinical research and continues to be in the forefront of research in the complementary therapies. As a result of this research, TT has been accepted in the medical community as a valid modality, and recognized as such by NICAM. You can read more about the organization and the process to become qualified as a practitioner at their web site, www.therapeutic-touch.org


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