1.30.15 Meditation; Heather Loucks, Quantum Communities

Today’s Meditation

Well….Today is the last new meditation leader we are introducing…but I can see why her interview was saved for last.  It is because her interview does not suggest a closing of this work…but a continuation of it.

I always knew that as good as the opportunity of participating in the Albany Peace Project in January was going to be for many people, I also knew that February had the potential to be even better!  Because the “side effect” of this work is massive creativity.  After cultivating this level of self mastery for a month, people automatically feel more empowered start looking for new ways to express their broader understanding that is revealed through this work.

Through this work people often find dreams inside of them that they never new they had.  They also may feel too shy or stuck in life’s responsibilities to pursue them.   If you find yourself in that position, please meet Heather Loucks, a visionary, and founder of Quantum Communities.  Heather has some land west of Albany that she is inviting people to come look at as incubator space to start pursuing their own dreams.  It is her dream to help you with yours.

I am looking forward to checking in with her next year to see what creativity unfolds!

Heather Can be reached at:  haloucks@gmail.com

2 Minute Video Invitation to the 2015 Albany Peace Project Closing Celebration Concert
Less than 4 minute video about The Art of Living Foundation's Happiness Program offered at Numinous on 2.1 at 2:00.

The New NUMINOUS schedule is now posted.  More classes to be posted soon.

The Art Of Living Happiness Program, Sunday, February 1 at 2:00: Nikhil Jain, Faculty on the Art of Living Foundation, Doctoral Candidate in Nanotechnology

Radical Acceptance, Sunday February 8 at 2:00 PM, Tim Moon, MS, CASAC-T

Shamanic Reiki Journeying, Sunday February 15 at 2:00 PM, Derek Healey, Shamanic Practitioner

Seeking Source Saturday; Quantum Prayer, Saturday February 21 at 4:00 PM(Music, Message & Meditation) Bethany Gonyea and Pam Lunz Madina will be leading song

Integrating Spirituality with Hypnosis for Weight Loss and Other Feel Good Goals:  Sunday, March 15 at 2:00, Leslie M. Thornton, RN & Hypnotherapist

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