1.3.15 Meditation – Mary Sise, Author, Energy of Belief

Good Morning!  In this video, Mary Sise, author of The Energy Of Belief, and I had a  “different” conversation that ranged everything from energy psychology to acupuncture meridians to even first loves.  If you are still “sweet” on an old love, you want to be sure to watch this one!
Can’t you feel her powerful energy?  You have not seen anything yet.  Here is her meditation…

Mary Sise, LCSW, DCEP, is an international speaker, teacher, counselor, and author known for her pioneering work in the field of energy psychology relating to the treatment of trauma, and her work in exploring the spiritual dimension of the soul and its integral relationship to authentic healing. Her warm, witty, and authentic approach makes her a frequently sought after speaker.

For over two decades, Mary has been at the forefront of developing, testing and teaching alternative treatment methods for trauma patients. She has trained hundreds of psychological clinicians in Energy Psychology methods, developed course work and taught for the National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine (NICABM). Mary is a consultant for the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP) certification program. She actively supervises clinicians providing support, additional instruction, and guidance to those using her methods with their clients.

Condensing years of work and innovations in the field, Mary co-authored the ground-breaking book The Energy of Belief: Psychology’s Power Tools to Focus Intention & Release Blocking Beliefs with psychologist Sheila Sidney Bender, PhD. She has developed several teaching and self-help tools.

In addition to Mary’s commitment to advancing safe, humane trauma treatment, her personal and professional journey is focusing more and more on the spiritual dimensions of healing and health, the spiritual implications of traumatic or overwhelming experiences, and how spiritual disconnection or soul loss results in dis-ease on a mental, emotional and physical and spiritual level.

In addition to teaching and speaking extensively and maintaining a private practice in upstate New York, Mary serves as the Program Director of the Transformational Healers Program for the spiritual master and global teacher  Sai Maa.

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