1.18.15 Meditation, Bethany Gonyea, Albany Peace Project Founder

You know how you understand a topic more when you can comprehend it’s opposite?  In this interview we will clarify our understanding of coherence by discussing the often debilitating results of incoherence.
I have often contemplated the poignant fact that people spend the most time with the people they love when they are most incoherent.  We often see our loved ones at the end of the day, when we have given our best resources to our jobs or others in the world.  We may arrive home at the end of the day feeling depleted and unable to meet our own emotional needs, let alone the needs of our families.

This depletion can have deleterious consequences on our primary relationships.   If people feel unable to meet these emotional needs for themselves and others, they may feel overwhelmed and resort to substance or food addictions to alleviate their distress.  This of course, compounds our sense of isolation and contributes to further rapidly eroding our personal relationships.

In this interview, Kirk and I talk about how when we learn how to be coherent, we listen better and are better able to “hear” ourselves and others.  We also discuss how important it is to take a few moments each evening to recalibrate to coherence before spending time with the people we love the most, and how by doing so, our relationships can dramatically improve.  We remember that we love the people in our lives and to appreciate them.

We also briefly discuss how coherence makes us more intuitive which enhances our relationship skills as well.

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