1.14.15 Meditation: Jerry Petell, MSW, Tai Chi Instructor

Well….today in this brief interview, Jerry Petell manages to address so many great points!
He talks about being sure to set intentions for peace, and about how The Albany Peace Project has inspired him to think about meditation in a much more grand view of the potent power of this work.

I mean think about it…through the Albany Peace Project, all of us from different religious, political, and socioeconomic backgrounds come together each day to hit one note…the note for peace.  We can’t all agree on dogma or politics but we CAN  agree to lessen human suffering.  That is powerful.  How else will peace come about if we don’t contemplate it…together!

When we get enough people voting for peace like this, the evidence suggests that we could actually override political, religious, and economic limitations and see the peace in the world we would like to see.  That will be a great day.   Let’s be sure we do it!

Listen to Jerry’s inspiring insights below…

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