1.12.15 Meditation, Sam Trumbore, First Unitarian Universalist Society of Albany c

Happy Monday!
In todays video, I speak with Sam Trumbore, Reverend of the First Unitarian Universalist Society of Albany who offers us his refined insights after 30 years of meditation.

I have often appreciated Sam’s open approach to just about everything.   I like how he addresses hot societal topics from the pulpit, while gently encouraging people to broaden their perspectives to a more inclusive view and observe life from a greater understanding, often from a more global perspective.

In this interview, we discuss how loving-kindness meditation constructively challenges our egos  to question the barriers we feel toward loving someone with whom it is difficult for us to interact.

He reminds us that although we may not always have positive experiences during meditation, meditation offers us skills to remain present with whatever “is” so that we are not ruffled by experiences, whether they be “good” or “bad.”

He reminds us that the ultimate goal of practice is to maintain our equanimity, which leads to our true liberation from the “ups and downs” of this world.

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