1.1.15 Meditation – Watch Live Stream at 1:00 EST or Silent Meditation

To Kickoff the 2015 phase of the Albany Peace Project, we are offering a live program concert at Unity Church of Albany at 1:00 PM EST.  Come join us for great music, great speakers and the first meditation calling forth peace in Albany.
If you can’t attend the concert, you can still participate from home by clicking below at 1:00 PM EST

Or, you may just want to gaze at the video below and listen to the meditative music to invoke feelings of peace within yourself and then send them to the city of Albany.

Tomorrow, you will receive an email that will include both an interview from an inspiring meditation leader, and a coherence based meditation, including a 5 Minute Heart Lock-In®.  Research performed at the Institute of Heartmath has demonstrated that heart focused meditation helps people access a “sweet space” in their nervous system known as coherence.  For more information, visit www.HeartMath.org

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