Albany Peace Project August 15-22, 2020

Please Join Us

Join us at the Albany Peace Project August 15-22, 2020


The Albany Peace Project – August 15-22, 2020

Join us in an experiment that will transform how
you view yourself in the world

Please support SNUG 518 by meditating from home for peace in Albany, NY August 15-22, 2020

Dr. Karin Reinhold, Ph.D., Mathematics and Statistics professor at the State University of New York at Albany, will review crime data to see how much of an impact our peaceful intentions have made.

SNUG is the word guns spelled backward which is a metaphor for how the organization works at the street level to reverse gun violence. SNUG workers risk their lives daily to help keep streets safe.

In these dark times, we need to support those that work so hard to bring light.


How A Peace Project Works:

1-Enter your email in the sidebar on the right

2- You will receive daily meditations for peace inspired by SNUG workers’ visions for peace in Albanym NY via email during August 15-22, 2020.  Please click on the link to do the meditation.

3- Each meditation utilizes evidence-based mind-body skills to enhance clarity, improve optimal functioning, enhance decision making, and dramatically lift your mood while simultaneously working toward measurable reducing violence in Albany, NY.   

4. In the meditations for this year, you will also have the opportunity to send intentions to enhance peace and positivity to your own life.
Meditations can be done by individuals or groups

5- Changes in Social Indicators will be measured (accidents, arrests, etc) by Dr. Karin Reinhold, Ph.D., Professor of Math and Statistics at SUNY Albany.   You will be notified of our results.

External Peace Begins Inside Hearts

which is why we start there.  

External Peace literally starts within internally coherent nervous systems.  Trying to inspire peace anywhere else than the human heart is a long way around.

Participate in meditations for the Albany Peace Project and learn how to move your nervous system into satisfying coherence. You may have never known you can feel that good!

For more information, write Info@PeacefulCities.Org

Sincere thanks for your participation by Dr. Karin Reinhold, Ph.D., Researcher, SNUG 518, Bethany Gonyea, Global Peaceful Cities Project Founder, and the Albany Peace Project team.

How to get involved


Get signed up to hear about the next meditation event and send peaceful intentions to Albany. We will measure the results.

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Learn how to facilitate mediations in your city by taking our meditation leader program. This course will teach you everything you need to know.

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If you are a people person we need a lot of poeple to help with local community outreach. We have a social activist program course that will guide you every step of the way

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We need help with tech, operations and much more and can offer volunteering with purpose! Bring your skills into an organization that is pushing the boundaries of intentional research and practice.

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City Liason Bethany Gonyea “Hi I am Bethany Gonyea founder of numinous and I am the city manager for the Albany Peace Project. If you have any questions or would like more info on how you can help the project please feel free to contact me or browse this website to learn more. We need more local Albany people to help with the project.... More About Me

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