Albany Peace Project – Important Updates

THKyou First off, a heartfelt and huge Thank You to all the wonderful participants who made it possible for the Albany Peace Project to generate, so far, close to 1500 hours of meditation with peaceful intentions focused on Albany New York this month!
Second we are sad to announce that the closing concert originally planned for Saturday has been cancelled. But in a way, it is for exciting and promising reasons; there has been a lot of interest from area schools in the project as well as mindfulness in education and helping these schools get programs off the ground has been taking a lot of time and energy which made it impossible to finalize the concert and go ahead with it. We apologize for the last minute decision which was not easy nor pleasant to reach…

But keeping in mind that the Albany Peace Project is first and foremost about the daily meditations, we can all be proud and enthusiastic about this year’s numbers! Whether you participated every single day or sat for just 1 or 2, you made a difference and helped generate a stronger combined vibration filled with care, appreciation and compassion toward our community and beyond!

With January coming to an end, we understand some participants might want to keep going or may want more time to do all the 2016 meditations or go back to a favorite for a second, third or fourth time… so with that in mind, we are going to continue capturing the daily “clicks” on the 2016 meditations for the first two weeks of February and those will also count toward our participation data for this year.

For your convenience,
All the 2016 meditations can be found here:   2016 Meditations – Albany Peace Project
And, as some of our Facebook followers said earlier: use profusely and share freely  🙂

Thank you and please let us know about your experience with the Albany Peace Project here in the comments section or on social media ! We cannot do this research without you and always welcome your feedback!

Thank You!