The Albany Peace Project is sponsored by Numinous.

NUMINOUS is a 501(c)3 interfaith spiritual organization which offers lectures to the public that synthesize, biofeedback training, intentional and prayer research, and spiritual tenants which provide reliable methods for heightening consciousness that strengthen and inspire dynamic lives of service.

To help people feel more confident and step out to pursue their higher callings, NUMINOUS offers four types of classes. Most all of the classes are combined with highly skilled meditation techniques to lead the nervous system into “deep practice” of concepts.

NUMINOUS offers four types of classes

Skilled Prayer & Intentional Classes (often called Law Of Attraction)  These classes focus on helping people become aware of their intentions and maintaining the discipline needed to maintain the focus of their intentions to live more meaningful and satisfying lives.   Current understandings in neuroscience and intentional research are common themes.  You could think of these classes as “what every visionary needs to know” as many of us could use support to live to the highest and best within us.

Seeking Source Saturdays – Music, Message & Meditation – offer traditional spiritual themes that are often accompanied by current research. Saints, masters, and mystics are often studied.

Guest Speakers are invited to teach different methods which enable us to reduce resistance to experience the presence of the Infinite Intelligence that connects us all.

Bi-Weekly Men’s Spirituality Group on alternating Tuesdays.  NUMINOUS started offering these programs because so many spiritual programs are predominantly attended by women, which often causes the topics of those meetings to be strongly influenced by women.  This group gives men an opportunity to address the topics that are more important to them.   These classes are lead by two spiritual leaders in the community, Glenn Hogue and Tim Moon, and

Because offerings often change, it is best to get directly on the Numinous email list.

We also hope to bring Numinous Talks to Albany in the fall of 2015.

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