In Memoriam: John Foldy, PhD

State University of Albany professor, John Foldy was an original co-contributer to the Albany Peace Project.  Dr. John, as he was often referred, passed suddenly in April 2014  and was unable to “do the math” for the first year of the Albany Peace Project.

Dr. Foldy’s enthusiasm for this work stemmed from his research in how our intentions shape our experience.  He received a joint Ph.D. in Communication and Sociology, and his dissertation was published in the article, Conceptual Structures As Damped Harmonic Oscillators in the International Journal of Research Methodology, Quality and Quantity.   It was the first time Quantum Mechanical equations were used to model attitude/belief change.

In his dissertation he tied together Joe Woelfel’s Galileo theory of cognition with Bohm and Pribram’s Holographic model of reality from Physics/Nuerophysiology which gives a scientific basis for research on Intention.

His enthusiasm for the work of the Resonant Peaceful Cities Project is sorely missed.