Bethany Gonyea, M.S.

Bethany Gonyea    GPCP Founder

BETHANY ANN GONYEA, MS is the Founder and Director of NUMINOUS, sponsor for the Global Peaceful Cities Project.  For almost 25 years, Ms. Gonyea has watched people invoke the power of focused healing intention to facilitate health and well being during hundreds of private and public biofeedback sessions.  Biofeedback is essentially the art and science of intention, and it continually demonstrates through objective instrumentation that our minds have immediate and profound impact inside our bodies.

But what if we harnessed the same intention outside our bodies?
Could we positively impact the world around us?

Intentional and prayer research suggests we can.  When people direct the object of  their healing intention toward simple biological organisms such as plants and seeds they grow bigger and produce greater yield than control samples.

There is another impressive body of peer reviewed research performed by the Transcendental Meditation organization that suggests when a relatively small amount of people become quiet and more coherent within themselves, there appears to be simultaneous lessoning of violence.

Do you ever feel powerless to change things when you watch the news?

Can we harness this same intention to facilitate peace in this world?  After observing the physical demonstration of healing intention for almost 25 years in her biofeedback practice, Ms. Gonyea’s hearty answer is”yes”, and she is passionate about demonstrating to others that our intentions have real world personal and societal impact.   Her mission is to empower people of use their intentional birthright to  “vote with their heart” so they can observe the positive changes they want to see in the world.

She is the former Director of Biofeedback of the Albany TMJ & Facial, Biofeedback Specialist and longtime student of the ancient internal healing arts. Ms Gonyea was certified by three independent professional organizations (including the prestigious Biofeedback Institute of America and the Neurotherapy and Biofeedback Certification Board), as a Biofeedback Specialist.  She is currently a licensed mentor with the Institute of Heartmath.

Ms. Gonyea understands the mind-body connection intimately as she employed it to heal herself from a pain disorder so severe, it forced a career change.  These efforts inspired a healing journey that has lasted most of her adult life.  Bethany made physical pain her “biofeedback instrument” and became “intolerant of feeling miserable.”  She focused in mind and used her diminishing pain levels as a clue that she was “doing something right.”

Her pilgrimage culminated in her ability to run 4 miles a day without pain. In the process, she developed Tan Tien Biofeedback, a totally unique amalgam of Eastern & Western Techniques for healing, pain elimination, and consistent peak performance.  She is passionate about teaching others how to reduce both their emotional and physical pain levels.

For the past 20 years, she has been wanting to disseminate these powerful prayer and meditation research findings and add to this body of provocative research.  When Ms. Gonyea learned of the intentional research performed by Lynn Mctaggert, author of The Intention Experiment and her team of prominent scientists who have performed over twenty nine studies of intention, and have found statistically significant results in 25 of those studies, she knew it was finally time to organize The Albany Peace Project, the precursor of the Global Peaceful Cities Project.  As she says, “People need to know they can vote with their heart to facilitate seeing the positive changes they want to see in the world.  Peace is our birthright.  On these levels we are all equal in power.   This is research by the people for the people, we to take our stand for peace in our hearts to positively influence the whole

Ms. Gonyea is currently Director of NUMINOUS, an inter-faith spiritual organization that specializes in teaching members reliable methods that heighten consciousness to strengthen and inspire dynamic lives of service. Her highest hope for this research is that as people create a peaceful space within themselves and invite others to do the same, they will be inspired by the still small voice within each of them to follow their own genius and change the world for the better in their own unique ways. To learn more about the classes she teaches,  please visit www.NUMINOUSONLINE.com .