Bethany Gonyea, M.S.

BETHANY ANN GONYEA, is the Founder Director of NUMINOUS, sponsor of the Resonant Peaceful Cities Project.

For almost 30 years, Ms. Gonyea has invited people to invoke the power of focused healing intention to facilitate health and well being during hundreds of private and public biofeedback sessions.

Biofeedback is essentially the art and science of intention, and it continually demonstrates through objective instrumentation that our minds have an immediate and profound impact inside our bodies. 

Ms. Gonyea understands the mind-body connection intimately as she explored it to heal herself from a pain disorder so severe, it forced a career change in college.  Bethany made physical pain her “biofeedback instrument” and became “intolerant of feeling miserable.”  She focused her mind and used her diminishing pain levels as a clue that she was “doing something right.”

Her pilgrimage culminated in her ability to run 4 miles a day without pain.  In the process, she developed Tan Tien Biofeedback, a totally unique amalgam of Eastern & Western Techniques for healing, pain elimination, and consistent peak performance.  She is passionate about teaching others how to reduce both their emotional and physical pain levels.

After watching the power of intention inside the body, she started studying the prayer and intentional research for sending intentions outside of the body.   Her research pursuits inspired her to start The Resonant Peaceful Cities Project.

Bethany has been pioneering the states of consciousness and internal processes required for what she refers to as the Consciousness Athlete Lifestyle, a method for confidently using the body as a biofeedback instrument of consciousness and grace.  

She teaches individuals how to become Consciousness Athletes, which means training the autonomic nervous system  to sustain heightened states of awareness very similar to athletes training their bodies for a sport or musicians practicing for a performance.   She teaches us to  “fall up” when life gets us down by skillfully tuning our nervous systems through biofeedback instrumentation while cultivating awareness of our personal subtle energy fields.   Bethany also teaches us to train our bodies to become sensitive enough to feel the field of energy surrounding our bodies and how to skillfully sculpt our energy fields to sustain heightened well-being.  She demonstrates that we ALL have this ability with proper training.  

Bethany’s perspective of intention is unique as she has gained her granular understandings of how it works by having the courage to live by intention as she sifts through the complexity of human nature while accepting her massive mission to bring this inspiring information to as many people as possible across the globe.   As a practical visionary, Bethany must live what she teaches to bring a project forward that has never been done before and is a few paradigm shifts away from the acceptance of pop culture.  

Although she often cites current intentional research findings, she loves to offer what she calls  “hard-earned gritty street advice” not found in books that can only be gleaned from years of living from conscious intention and awareness.  People often find her “street” advice the most practical and memorable.

Her audiobooks, Women, Food, Sex, and Power – A Step By Step Program for Rekindling Your Fire, and Gaining Traction with Law of Attraction:  A 30-Day Bootcamp To Totally Transform Your Life can be found in the store of this website.

Stay tuned for Bethany’s next book, Dealing with Difficult People for Spiritual People, using the friction of our most challenging relationships to cultivate heightened consciousness.

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