8.27.18 GPCP Volunteers…Well, Some Of Them!

Joanne Perrino, one of our most dedicated volunteers was supposed to be offering this last meditation, but she was unable to finish it on time.  Joanne volunteers for NUMINOUS/GPCP because she “knows it is where she should be.”   Joanne has gone through our GPCP meditation leader training, which means that she has learned the 15 minute protocol for our meditations.  Please understand that our meditations are more than just guided meditations.   Our meditation leaders actually follow a step by step 15 minute protocol to reliably and repeatedly lead your nervous system into a more coherent state, even though each meditation sounds so different.   We designed the protocol to be different but the same on purpose, because the nervous system needs both consistency and novelty for it to rewire itself over time.   The consistency enables people to build neural networks through repeated practice, and novelty keeps meditators motivated and interested. As we build out into other cities, we will be offering the meditation leader training online.  I (Bethany Gonyea) did step in at the last minute to offe this last meditation…but stay tuned….there will be more meditation leaders to come.

In this interview filmed at Yoga Bliss in Schenectady, NY, I talk to people just like you, who have decided to become part of the Global Peaceful Cities Project team.  You will observe their passion and learn that there are as many motivations to volunteer as there are people, and each person experiences their own unique transformation!   This is a very small sample of the larger volunteer group growing, which is more is diverse and inclusive, however we are always seeking to collaborate with a wide range of organizations of all age, gender, race and ethnicity.   As you can observe, we truly enjoy each other.   As I often say, when you get a room full of people who are interested in lifting their hearts and sending good wishes to other people, you will find a group of people who love to support each other and laugh a lot while they are doing it!

These volunteers are committed to volunteering, because they have been practicing how to experience an Intentional Coherence Lifestyle™ which has generated great personal benefits from their volunteer work.

We will be launching an online Intentional Coherence Athlete™ course starting September 27.  This course will teach you about the power of becoming coherent and how it helps to focus your mind like a laser to promote powerful change.  Biweekly online classes help you apply the  intentional keys presented by Bethany in class, and then you will receive a meditation that will help you apply what you learned in class for yourself to manifest your desires in your own life.  You will learn how to skillfully focus based on the latest biofeedback and intentional research to be sure you are skillfully intending “in the positive.”  You will  also learn how to successfully beam intentions toward others.    You will not only learn the best skills to send intention, but you will also be able to receive intentions from others who are skillfully trained to keep their mind anchored in the positive as they are sending intentions. Our participants have reported, it is an incredible gift to receive intentions from fellow trained meditators,  and we have heard wonderful reports of how this work has changed people’s lives for the better.   To learn more please click here…

Thank you for participating in the Schenectady Peace Project!!   We are already making efforts to bring peace to other cities, and we will always need your support!   Also, if you are passionate about our work, please consider donating, as we could greatly use funds to build out the website.  We have a big footprint to fill (the globe!) and we could definitely use more financial support.  Please consider donating by clicking here.