6.25 Day 7 – The Power of Your Brainwaves

Hi Everyone

In this Zoom Power Point presentation, I discuss how EEG biofeedback dramatically enhances meditation practice. 

It is hard to explain the power of this work, because it is unlike traditional meditation methods. 

Essentially during the EEG Mind Mirror weekend that we offer, we strive to tune our brainwaves to feel well-being similar to the way we tune an instrument to play beautiful music.   If an instrument is not tuned properly, it does not produce pleasant music.  If our brainwaves are not “tuned” properly, we feel stressed, separate, and anxious.  

When we obtain objective data about our brainwaves, we learn how to strategically tune ourselves to play the highest and best music within us.  We learn to clear the blocks that kept us from accessing the beauty of our essential being.  Perhaps, one of our recent participants stated it best: 

Hi Bethany,
I want to THANK YOU for the incredible seminar last weekend.  It was very meaningful for me, I am grateful to have attended.  I continue to receive further insights.  And one especially prickly memory from childhood has been remembered more clearly, and forgiven.  
Best wishes to you, Andrew, and your team as you continue this new chapter of brainwave study.  I look forward to whatever is next.  
Love and Appreciation,


I will be writing more about how this work works, because it is a little more complex than traditional meditations, such as focusing on the breath repetitively.  Mind Mirror EEG meditations are called “working meditations” because we ask people to engage more of themselves than traditional meditation methods.  However the end goals are the same, maintaining a tranquil smooth mind while cultivating a “homing instinct” for love, wholeness and well-being.  In summary, we get addicted to feeling good!

We will be sharing more of the gritty details over time, and inviting you to participate in future weekend workshops.

Thank you for walking on this journey with us.  We greatly appreciate your interest and participation.

We simply can’t do this research without people just like you opening your heart to send intentions to strangers.  I believe that sending intentions is one of the most sacred actions we perform.   Sending peaceful intentions requires us to remove ourselves out of the center of our attention and place someone else there.  We are deeply grateful for the graciousness of your open heart to be involved with the Global Peaceful Cities Project.

On behalf of the people of Twin Cities and beyond, Thank you for opening your heart to this work.