6.23 Day 5 – Why We Do This Work – Mary Clare O’Conner

“If we are not changing our hearts, we are part of the oppression.”
Mary Clare O’Conner


Why bother praying or sending intentions to a city?

Mary Clare O’Conner, owner of Yoga Bliss Studio in Schenectady, NY discusses how being involved with the Global Peaceful Cities Project has enhanced her life in mysterious ways. She eloquently describes the indescribable in this brief interview.

Mary Clare mentions how doing this work changes her in a way so significant that when she isn’t doing it, there is something missing.

It is hard to explain why we are all so passionate about this work. We just know that when we are not engaged in serving in this capacity, we are not doing all we can do to “be the change we want to see in the world.  We know that by doing this work, our hearts are lighter, our missions are stronger, and our days are far more meaningful and sacred. Because of this alchemical shift that occurs within us, this work is the perfect antidote to depression or anxiety.

Learn more about Mary Clare’s service work at https://yogablissblvd.com  An added bonus of this video is that we have the opportunity to be led in the Juneteenth meditation by Mary Clare, who is a highly trained Kripalu trained yoga teacher. I appreciate her embellishments to the meditation.  Thank you Mary Clare for all that you do to improve this world!