8.9.19 Day 7 – Shameka Andrews, Disability Advocate and Consultant

Today’s Meditation Leader:Shameka Andrews is a Disability Advocate and Consultant.  It is always a pleasure to run into Shameka at Community events.  Her beautiful natural way about her always adds to the feelings of goodwill in the room. Shameka works tirelessly helping others with disabilities live their best lives.  Thanks, Shameka for all you do to support the community!

Often advanced meditators ask us for meditations with fewer words.  We have enclosed our meditation “light” version below which only has a few chimes and verbal cues to guide you.

2 minute instructions for silent meditation:
Silent Meditation:
Brief instructions for silent meditation – August 9, 2019 (2 minutes)
Silent Meditation with light cues for GPCP 2019 Intentional Coherence Meditation Protocol
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Peace Project Events Friday, August 97am – Meditation at Yoga Loft, 540 Delaware Ave, Albany

12:00pm – Meditation at Howe Library, 105 Schuyler St, Albany, NY

5:30 pm– Peace Week Closing Celebration with self-care activities and Make Your Own Ice Cream Sundays – Thank you to Stewarts and  Wellness Advocates Linking Communities (WALC) Program!!!

7:00pm – Meditation for Peace in Lincoln Park, 228 Eagle Street,

Saratoga:  7:00 PM -Keep the Peace Training moving In Saratoga, NY  – Dr.  Michael Wayne will be showing his film, On The Path To Strawberry Fields and hosting it with very special guest, Anodea Judith.  Please look below for more information.

Would you like to meet other Albany Peace Project volunteers?
We are currently scheduling a Volunteer Appreciation Potluck dinner for the week of August 19. We would like to meet you in person!  Please look for the official announcement coming soon.
Peace Project Events in Albany June 2020We are already preparing for an Arbor Hill Peace project in June 2020 to acknowledge Gun Violence Awareness Month.

We will need three times the number of meditators for this size population.


Thank YOU for journeying with us This month!

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Intentional Coherence Athlete Class

In this video, Bethany Gonyea describes the components of the 15- minute GPCP protocol and the personal benefits we all receive in participating.  She discusses why the phenomenon of group intention brings out the honor and dignity within all of us and lifts us out of depression. She also invites us to become “Intentional Coherence Athletes ” in Fall of 2019 to keep training our nervous systems to maintain the burgeoning expansion we have begun this week in the Peace Project to ensure we continue to increase our happiness levels.  More information about the Intentional Coherence Athlete course can be found below in this newsletter.
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Saturday, August 17 at 1:00 PM EST

In this discussion, we will answer questions about the details of what it takes to start a peace project in your area, and how you can partner with our research team of GPCP to have your project run smoothly with integrity and sound research protocol.

This is an especially powerful way for businesses to interface with their communities while providing an amazing service to the community and promoting goodwill.

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We have learned that this is a challenging project for people to understand to financially support.  For instance, if wewerefeeding young children people would give generously because that would provide a tangible immediate result.  Because this is a progressive solution that involves evolving the mind, people don’t quite understand the potential positive powerful impact of this work.

However, if you are on this list then you understand how this work has the potential to transform cities.  Please consider donating at PeacefulCities.org/donate.  The unmet need for this Peace Project is $1300. We need more funding to continue.  Even a $25-40 a month pledge would help us with monthly operating expenses when we are not working publically.  Please consider supporting us so that we can support many others at no charge.

Here is what people are saying about learning how to live the Intentional Coherence Lifestyle.

  • We have a lot of good stuff going on in our group.  You are changing lives!:)
  • I’ll miss every one of you and your insights and laughter. Bethany, our zoom sessions and meditations have been excellent—you have a wealth of knowledge and expertise.  And the opportunity to send healing light and energy to each other has been wonderful.
  • It was great to see the rest of the crew – what a great bunch of people!
  • Beautiful meditation, Bethany.  I wept many times. Perfect timing. Thank you so much! 
  • Really enjoying the meditation from the last class.  VERY relevant to my life right now.  Thanks!
  • Thanks, Bethany, for the opportunity to continue with this work. I’ve learned a great deal from you and also from each member of the group
  • Beautiful, Bethany!!  Just love your class.  Thanks for sharing. 
  • I am definitely on board with continuing our adventure together and hope everyone feels the same.  This has been such a great learning experience and I know I have much more to gather from the group.  
  • Your program has helped me get clear and helped me focus on my essence, especially in the body and on my goals. I am grateful.  I know our paths will cross again. Many blessings
  • Thank you, Bethany! I love what you are teaching. I Am looking forward to the next round of classes.

** the four-month class has continued for 16 months due to enthusiastic participation.

*** participate in the Albany Peace Project, and you can have the fourth month of the program free!

Learn how to maintain a buoyant state of being to consistently manifest in the positive.  Here is what some participants have“Become intolerant of feeling miserable, because you know you can feel so good which dramatically enhances manifesting in the positive”
Bethany Gonyea
– Train your nervous system to maintain more positive states of consciousness to catalyze more positive results in your life.

– Four months of LIVE biweekly video-streamed courses that encourage you to share your gifts and dreams.  Receive specific feedback for your unique challenges.

– Customized audio meditation downloads distributed every two weeks to apply intentional work to your daily challenges.

-Watch intention work it’s elegance in your life and share your success with others.

-Opportunities to ask how to use intention in your life….while you face current daily challenges.  Receive “gritty street advice” from Bethany who has been working with teaching the science of intention through biofeedback for 25 years.

-Learn how to sculpt and charge your field of energy surrounding your body to build the capacity for sustainable change.

-Learn how to become coherent…which basically means become happier, more fulfilled, and more successful with all of your intentional efforts.

– RECEIVE coherent energy from the group of trained participants sending you loving energetic support to manifest your deepest intentions.  Research has shown that people who are trained in intention achieve better results.

-You benefit from both receiving AND giving…as the peace projects have demonstrated along with current intentional research that sending good intentions creates a vacuum in your field to receive goodness as well.

Intentional Coherence Athlete Program is offered three times a year.  The next class will begin in fall 2019

Register to the Intentional Coherence Athlete Class

Think about how your life will change in four months of applying the discipline to skillfully employ intention in your life while receiving customized support!  (The support is so important…more than you know!!)

Please send your questions about this class to Info@Peacefulcities.org.

 Friday August 9th at 7pm, the feature documentary film, “On the Path to Strawberry Fields,” will be having its theatrical premiere in Saratoga Springs, NY at the Embassy Suites Hotel at 86 Congress St.In addition to the showing of the film, one of the stars of the movie, Anodea Judith, will be coming from her home in Northern California to attend the event. Anodea and I film maker, Dr, Michael Wayne will engage in a lively discussion and Q&A after the film.Tickets are $25 in advance or $30 at the door, you can buy them here: On the Path to Strawberry Fields theatrical premiere

This is a film about creating and putting into action a bold new vision for how we want to live our lives, both as individuals and as a society.

Do we want to go in the direction of love, compassion, equality, empowerment, enlightenment, creativity, innovation – one in which all of us have the ability to thrive; or do we want to continue living in fear, divisiveness, animosity, and disempowerment?

I’m sure you would agree with me that the answer is obvious for the direction we would choose – we would choose the world our hearts tell us is possible – and in my film, I lay this out clearly.

In the film,  24 wise people with sage-like vision, people like John Perkins, Peter Yarrow, Charles Eisenstein, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Kurt Johnson, Donna Eden, Katherine Woodward Thomas, Karenna Gore, Mark Nepo,Gerard Senehi, Terry Patten, and of course, Anodea Judith, who will be on hand on Aug. 9 to discuss this vision for the future.

We call this vision a utopian vision. But utopia is not a mythical land, it is the land of vision, of dreaming of the impossible and making it possible. And this is a film about a utopia for realists.

Creating utopia means creating a new paradigm, and in the short, two-minute clip from the film that is at the top of this email, Anodea talks about creating this new paradigm.I hope you can make it to this very special event and with our very special guest, Anodea Judith, author of many best-selling and award-winning books. This is a film that will excite, inspire and motivate you to create the world your heart knows is possible in your own life and in the life of your family, community, and world. Let’s do it now!

We are on the cusp of consciously evolving to a new paradigm, a new world, one of a utopian vision that can spark a revolution of love, consciousness and the flourishing of creative genius.

Again, you can buy tickets here: On the Path to Strawberry Fields theatrical premiere

We are always in need of volunteers to manage different tasks, social media marketing support, and financial funding.  If you feel called to serve, please reach out.