This Sunday & Schedule Changes…

Yoga and The Luminous Body
Ray Crist, Shaman and Founder of The Jaguar Path Yoga School

Sunday September 25 1:30-4:30 PM
15 minutes from Albany at  Stable Gate Farm & Winery
10 Linda Way, Castleton-On-Hudson, NY

YOGA TEACHERS receive three credit hours for Yoga Alliance Certification for attending this class

For Beginning and Advanced Yogis….

Yogis and shamans alike understand that traumatic experiences are stored in the body. In this workshop we will explore how Yoga can be integrated with  with shamanic principals to accelerate healing. Through shamanic eyes we will see how yoga practice assists the somatic release of stagnated energies and how using shamanic techniques for freeing energy, accelerates our yoga practice and brings us in a deeper level of healing.

Ray Crist,  founder of the Jaguar Path Yoga and Shamanic School,  has been teaching yoga and leading workshops on Yoga and Shamanism at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health since 2005. He has presented his work in the Yoga Journal conference in NYC and has been offering workshops and trainings in the US, Canada, Mexico, Peru and Greece.  Ray has a background in Chinese medicine studies, Thai Yoga, Martial Arts, Shamanism and is certified as Vinyasa Yoga and Kripalu yoga leading teacher.

Through his 12 year journey of healing cancer, Ray worked closely with three lineages of Shamans in Peru. From his life changes, healing process and initiation as an Alto Mesayok (Andean Shaman) he has created the Jaguar Path training and educational travel programs.

The Jaguar Path Yoga and Shamanic school is accepting applications for the 2016-17 year.  You can learn more at:

$ 25-40 Donation Appreciated


10 Week Prosperity Plus Program Starting Monday 10/3 

6:30 pm Mondays Starting Date change – starting 10/3 (was 9/26)
off of Central AvenueMotion Industries, 12 Jupiter Lane, Albany,

Call Ann Becker to help with directions in office park: 857-1705, or email at:

Don’t miss this unique opportunity

Numinous is offering the Prosperity Plus program, created by Marry Morrissey, a  world-renowned life coach, motivational speaker, spiritual author and creator of Dream Building program.

This is a dynamic, video based 10 week program that starts Monday 3/28.  It teaches a new way of living centered on spiritual practices for an abundant life. The program focuses on 10 universal laws that govern an abundant life and encouraging participants to put these laws into daily practice.

To learn more, please visit this link:

The strength for participating in a group like this one is to have the support of a mastermind group that helps you with your goals, that helps you keep motivation up and installs and maintains new thought systems and behaviors.


– Prosperity Plus allows you to become a person of increase.  During the 10 week course, I became wealthy in every aspect of my life.  I reconnected with family and friends, became more financially solvent, and enjoyed every day as a brand new opportunity to allow all that I want into my life.

– Amazing.  Growth enhancing.  Be aware that your prosperity may come in avenues you do not expect.  Welcome it.

– The Prosperity Plus class has changed my way of relating to my own thoughts and feelings, and to the world around me.  Gratitude is more common in my life, and my reaction is down; I am acting upon my life now.  The best gift:  a group of like minded people I am blessed to be able to call my friends.  I am so grateful for being given this opportunity.   I’m also in for the next class! 

Here are 10 key principles that we will address:

Key 1: Honor your discontent. It holds the gift of your dream.
Key 2: 5 questions to test whether your dream deserves you, your time and your life energy.
Key 3:  Powerfully Rebut your story: “up until now it might have been true, but now I am partnering with a higher power. I and God can do anything.”
Key 4: Recognize fear for what it is: the border between the known and the unknown new you. In the unknown your answers lie.  We have the solution to the problems we face.
Key 5: Raise your vibration: bless what you have & be an agent of increase to others.  Intentioning requires an elevating emotions.
Key 6: Forgiveness work of self and others. It cleans your energy, removes blocks and leaks in your energy field, which creates a vacuum in your energy field for more positive things to come through.
Key 7: Get in touch with the voice of inspired insight, divine wisdom. Then act. (ALWAYS go to the edge of the light you see).
Key 8: Partner with someone to support each other in your dream. All things are possible to the ones that believe….others belief in ourselves helps us when we doubt
Key 9: Failure is just feedback. It allows you to know more of who you are. Choose to be better over bitter. Don’t let failure have you.
Key 10: Celebrate. It is about the process, and during it you discover who you are. That is what it is all about.

The power of this class is that of having a group that comes together each week to share their successes, which enhances everyone’s success.  We will have lots of fun and sharing as we learn how to create a mindset that fosters abundance in all areas of life.

The cost is $50 for the video materials plus tithing to Numinous as advised by Marry Morrisey as part of the course

If you are interested, please email Karin Reinhold;


Guest Speaker: Kelsie Kenefick, Official Guide for John of God

Friday September 30 at 7:00 PM
Shenendehowa Adult Community Center
6 Clifton Commons Court, Clifton Park, NY 12065

Internationally renowned healer, John of God, will be at Omega Institute in October 2016.  John of God has been healing people for over 55 years.  He is most famous for his  ability to perform physical surgeries without anesthesia or sterilization.

John of God has been on multiple television shows throughout the world, and Oprah went to visit him personally.  Wayne Dyer described in his book Wishes Fulfilled, how John of God healed him of leukemia…at a distance.

Kelsie Kenefick, author of Journey to the Spirit World, and official Casa Guide of John of God’s working residence in Brazil will be at Omega in Rhinebeck to help support the work of John of God where he sees approximately 1000 people a day.

I asked Kelsie if she would come lead us to into deep transformative meditation similar to the meditations that occur at the Casa where John of God sees thousands of people a day at no cost to participants.

It is this type of meditation, referred to as “current” that provides the powerful energetic charge through which John of God performed his healings.  In fact, when the “current” gets too low,(especially when he is performing a more intricate surgery, for example a heart surgery)  he will ask for more meditators to come sit in current.    This is a special opportunity to experience sitting in the “current” of energy of the world’s most revered spiritual healers and Kelsie is highly skilled at leading such currents.

Kelsie will talk briefly about meditative current to help explain how miracles can occur when saints and doctors from the spirit world come through to heal. This brief introduction will be followed by a powerful healing meditation.

Kelsie is an amazing person who has been traveling between the US and Brazil for the last several years, and who outlined how she personally experienced the miracles of John of God in her book “Journey To The Spirit World.”  It is her greatest joy to encourage others to have the experience.   She will lead us in a deep cleansing current.

This is a special opportunity to experience sitting in the “current” of energy of one of the world’s most revered spiritual healers.  Kelsie is skilled at leading such currents.

Please wear white, if possible. Feel free to bring photos of others for healing.

$25 Donation Appreciated
Changing Your Destiny Lines – Shamanic Ceremony for Accelerating Manifesting

(Tuesday, October 6 at 7:00 PM) CHANGED TO SUNDAY OCTOBER 9 AT 4;00

To accelerate manifestation, Shamans have been developing ceremonial technologies for millennia that externalize internal intentional processes.  Through ceremony, we accelerate manifesting by moving intentions from the internal world to the external world.     In this talk, Shaman Ray Crist and founder of the Jaguar Path  Yoga and Shamanic school  will be sharing a truly magical way on how to manifest something we want in the future. This can be a change in life, in relationships or even a goal we want to set for our work through the ceremony of Sand Painting.

The Jaguar Path Yoga and Shamanic school is accepting applications for the 2016-17 year.  You can learn more at:

$20 donation appreciated


Using Meditation To Eliminate Emotional and Physical Pain

Tuesday, October 13 at 7:00 PM CHANGED TO THURSDAY OCTOBER 6 AT 7:00 PM
Shenendehowa Adult Community Center
6 Clifton Commons Court
Clifton Park, NY 12065

Often when people start to learn meditation, they may start with a formal process and formal instruction.  This cookie cutter approach of course has it’s incredibly valuable benefits, however, it often doesn’t meet the needs of people going through incredible pain, either emotional or physical.  People often attend these gatherings in crises and leave saying, “I tried meditation, it did not work for me.”  That is unfortunate, because meditation offers amazing tools to reduce human suffering.

As former Director of the Albany TMJ & Facial Pain Center, Bethany Gonyea worked with car accident patients teaching them how to use their pain as a biofeedback instrument to accelerate consciousness.  She uses these same skills to apply to emotional pain as well.  Bethany will share with you techniques and understandings that she has been cultivating for 25 years to accelerate well being.  It all begins with developing an “intolerance for feeling miserable.”    She will be offering her basic techniques for personalizing meditation from her new audio book, “Using Meditation To Eliminate Emotional and Physical Pain”  scheduled to be available by Christmas.

New event!
Violence Interrupters:  Film Screening and Panel Discussion
Meet Everyday Heroes that Protect Albany Streets! 

Saturday October 22 at
Hubbard Interfaith Sanctuary
College of Saint Rose

The Interrupters documentary presents unforgettable profiles in courage, as three former street criminals in Chicago place themselves in the line of fire to protect their communities. The two-hour film follows the lives of these “Violence Interrupters,” who include the charismatic daughter of one of the city’s most notorious former gang leaders, the son of a murdered father, and a man haunted by a killing he committed as a teenager. As they intervene in disputes to prevent violence, they reveal their own inspired journeys of struggle and redemption.  This work is the inspiration for our local Cure Violence chapter (formerly SNUG) funded through Trinity Alliance of the Capital Region.

After the documentary, we will have a panel discussion featuring Cure Violence Interrupters and others who work heroically to reduce violence in Albany.
CANCELED FOR OCTOBER – TO BE RESCHEDULED IN THE FUTURE Transformational Leadership Summit – Full Day Retreat For Peace Leaders – 

Sunday October 23 12:00-8:00 PM
15 minutes from Albany at  Stable Gate Farm & Winery
10 Linda Way, Castleton-On-Hudson, NY