Measure Your Increased Happiness During Peace Week

– Measure changes in your happiness baseline during Peace Week starting Saturday
Your Peace & Happiness Week – August 3-9
– How participation during peace week reduces the cost of the Intentional Coherence Athlete course which has profoundly changed lives.
– Quick Facts about Albany Peace Project 2019
– Why Schenectady, NY is supporting Albany Peace Project
– Information about how you can run a peace project in your area with our support
– Donations needed
Complete Survey Process and Receive 20% off A Float at the Requiscent Center
Hi Everyone,

-Each year we learn more best practices for implementing peace projects.  My burning question for this work is: How do we craft a compelling explanation for how our individual thoughts affect the whole to inspire participation?  We have learned a lot, and each year we gain greater insight and new approaches.

We have observed one aspect that has remained consistent since the beginning.  People who participate in Peace Projects experience an increase in happiness baseline levels during the project and a spike in creativity after the project.

There is absolutely no magic to this phenomenon.  It is not a mystery.  When we learn how to open our hearts and expand our fields of awareness, life is put in its correct context, and we move toward greater wholeness and happiness again.  From that space of greater wholeness we allow ourselves to consider new possibilities which inspire us to to take more risks.

When we sit with others, either in person or the etheric, with the combined intention of alleviating the suffering of others by invoking sweet peace and goodness, we lift each other up toward higher states of consciousness.   These uplifted states are available to everyone at every moment, but we have not been trained how to find them, obtain them, and sustain them.  Our goal for the peace projects is for people to experience the lifted states that are the birthright of all of us.

This year we decided to measure this consistent change in happiness baseline levels by inviting you to take our happiness survey before and after peace week, which will help you understand how your shifts in consciousness increase contentment and satisfaction.

Our gift to you for participating in this Happiness Survey.   Understand that this is your “peace week” too!!!  When people participate in this work,  hearts open and people become happier and more creative.  We decided to measure these benefits this year!  If you complete our happiness survey emailed out the week of July 29 and complete the closing survey, you will receive the last month free of our four-month Intentional Coherence Athlete program that has profoundly changed lives. ($99 off!)  Please count on meditating for 15 minutes a day.  You will receive the meditation each day by 5:00 AM EST

– You could help by forwarding this email or sharing our posts on Facebook at Global Peaceful Cities or Albany Peace Project.  Please encourage people to register.

– The Albany Peace Project Experiment requires only 15 minutes a day during August 3-9, 2019 and can be done from the privacy of your own home to add to this body of historical research.   Let’s demonstrate how intentions of the whole can bypass old systems that have contributed to unrest.

– Great news!  During the week that we meditated last summer in Schenectady, NY there was a corresponding 25% drop in violence, only in the area where we focused!!

– I have been working for years to raise awareness for this work and to cross-pollinate cities while we hacked a process for inspiring cities to meditate.  This year, many of those intentions are being realized.  We will be meditating for peace at the government level, meditating in city hall with prominent city officials.  Also, thanks to the dedicated crew in Schenectady, NY, we are finally starting to cross-pollinate. Mary Clare, the owner of Yoga Bliss studio is taking this work to the streets in Schenectady to support Albany.  This sharing of peaceful intentions between cities has been my dream.  When we have cities cross-pollinate their peaceful intentions, our work will become exponentially more effective.  That is the only way this work will spread.  If you feel called to do the same, or if you have a business you want to co-promote while doing this work, please reach out.

– Let’s not be complacent.  Let’s make a stand for peace for our children.  Why would we leave our children’s future in the hands of others?!?!  Meditate to demonstrate the power of the collective to positively influence the whole.

– Even though you are on our global list, I have included our local event schedule so that you can get a feel for how a Peace Project is run.  Please see our schedule in this newsletter, both online or in person. After the Albany Peace Project 2019, Dr. Reinhold and I will be putting a call out for people who want to do this research in their own home town.  If you are one of those people on our list checking in with us to see how this work is progressing, please reach out to us.  We are open to collaborating with businesses.   Our goal is to complete 8 more peace projects.  If you are considering doing a peace project, now is the time.

– We hope to have preliminary results for the Albany Peace Project in October 2019, and complete results around February 2020.  Stay tuned!

– Donations are greatly needed for this work.  We give of our time and talent free, but there are so many items that need to be funded for peace projects to be successful.  We are behind in our budget.  I have learned that this is a challenging project for people to understand to financially support.  For instance, if we were feeding young children people would give generously because that would provide a tangible immediate result.  Because this is a progressive solution that involves evolving the mind, people don’t quite understand the potential positive powerful impact of this work.  However, if you are on this list then you understand how this work has the potential to transform cities.  Please consider donating at  we need more funding to continue as our resources are tapped.  Even a $25-40 a month pledge would help us with monthly operating expenses when we are not working publically.  Please consider supporting us so that we can support many others at no charge.

Thank you for journeying with us.  We can’t do this work without people just like you.  Let’s give the world something to talk about!
…Something empowering to talk about!