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DAY 8: 8.27.18 – Thank You Volunteers

The Schenectady Peace Project – August 20-27, 2018

 Groups that have applied, and have been approved, to have a meditation leader from the Global Peaceful Cities Project come to your organization and lead a group meditation should have all the information they need but if you need any help please contact us at the information given when you were approved.  Groups that want to sign up for next year or possibly last-minute spots this year can sign up here.

Individuals & Groups can participate from home or work via the internet for 15 minutes a day for 8 days by following intentional coherence based meditations using evidence-based mind-body skills to enhance clarity, improve optimal functioning, enhance decision making and dramatically lift your mood while simultaneously working toward reducing crime in Schenectady, NY, specifically the neighborhood of Hamilton Hill.  Groups and individuals can signup for notifications of each days meditation below:

Sign up for a city and/or other lists

Changes in Social Indicators will be measured (accidents, arrests, etc) by Dr. Karin Reinhold, Phd, Professor of Math and Statistics at SUNY Albany

Receive latest updates and video meditation support by email when you sign up.

Please fill out the form above. Once you sign up you will receive emails when the event starts with mediations and interviews with thought leaders in intentional research and other exclusive intentional research content.

For more information, write Info@PeacefulCities.Org

Benefit the city of Schenectady while simultaneously benefiting yourself. This is a win-win.

Sincere thanks for your participation by Bethany Gonyea, Global Peaceful Cities Project Founder, Dr. Karin Reinhold, PhD, Researcher and the Schenectady Peace Project team.


How to get involved


Groups and individuals can sign up to be notified of the next local meditation event in your city. Groups can also request a meditation leader from the Peace Project to come to your organization and lead a group meditation while both groups and individuals can participate online from home.

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Learn how to facilitate mediations in your city by taking our meditation leader program. This course will teach you everything you need to know.

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Do City Outreach

If you are a people person we need a lot of people to help with local community outreach.

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We need help with tech, operations and much more and can offer volunteering with purpose! Bring your skills into an organization that is pushing the boundaries of intentional research and practice.

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About us

City Liason Bethany Gonyea “Hi, I am Bethany Gonyea, founder of NUMINOUS and the city liaison for the Schenectady Peace Project. If you have any questions or would like more info on how you can help support our efforts, please feel free to connect with me or browse this website to learn more. We could always use more help for this project.” More About Me

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